Saturday, 8 May 2010


Hello again! Haven't blogged in ages its dreadful lol. I kinda got a little bit out of the habit and Ive been out enjoying the spring sunshine and the glorious month that is May. :) I have been busy recently making a few more keepsake boxes for my shop, including this rather funky and unusual stone wall fabric box  which i made with a dove grey silk lining and is great for storing jewellery and other trinkets.
Anyway, its time for me to do another Misi Marvels I think. Today's theme is going to be blue flowers. Here is my selection from Misi:

Pretty blue flower necklace by Joolzkay.

Vintage blue flower bouquet necklace from Rose and Raven.

Vintage blue cloisonne bracelet made by cocoangelrose.

Blue flower brooch with butterfly by mybluebeezy.

Teal blue flower hair slides by incywincystitches.

Navy felt brooch with turquoise flower from noodlebubble.

Blue flower petal card by NaomiConstable.

Blue resin flower ring from Just K Jewellery.

Thankyou for reading!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Little Felt Pansies

I have just made these cute pansy brooches made from a lovely pile of textured felts my mum bought from the knitting and stitching show a couple of years ago. They almost looked too nice to use but I finally decided to take the plunge and actually turn them into something! They came in the most gorgeous bundle of bright colours - which I thought were just right for making into pansies.  I decided to be a bit more creative with the colour combinations and style of the pansies; I have made them more simplistic, and have combined purples and mauves, pinks and blues, etc. I have some gorgeous green felt squares left (of course I would find them gorgeous), so Im wondering what to turn them into...maybe some green flowers! The first one I made was a yellow and purple one which sold at my last craft fair. These are the colours I still have below:

 The pansies have a little brooch pin attached on the back and i even added tiny green sepals aswell to make them a little realistic. The faces have handstitched detailing, blanket stitching around the edges, and the petals and chins are padded with a bit of wadding to give them a bit of character!


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

misi marvels: GREEN

Misi Marvels theme this week is my favourite colour of them all: GREEN. Here's a selection of gorgeous 'green' themed products I have found on Misi:

Pretty "Wicked Green Spirit Absinthe" charm bracelet from Jezebel Charms.

Cute summery green bead earrings by mybluebeezy.

These lovely green glass crackle beads from sparklybeads.

Beautiful handmade green silk scarf with gold outliner from paintedladysilks.

This funky and individual green tape measure flower hairclip is made by oblue.

Lovely Olivia knitting tote bag from roselandbags.

Pretty bow brooch made from green ribbons and button centre by purplestarcrafts.

Beautiful peridot heart bookmark made by sprinkles sparkles.

This pair of cute green delights korker bow clips from arightkorker.

Striking peacock feather print lampshade from Zedhead.

Just purchased this and thought I would show you! A beautiful fused dichroic glass green daisies pendant from PanicTuesday.

Thats my selection this week, hope you've enjoyed seeing them! Thankyou for reading.

keepsake boxes

Thought i might blog about a new edition to my Misi shop today - this pretty keepsake box ive made from floral fabric with a silk lining:

It gives me an excellent excuse to buy lovely fabrics i find in places like Hobbycraft! And its a really good way of showing the pattern off too. It takes a bit of time to do but i think its my favourite craft so far. All the sides are made with a stiff card base then covered with fabric and hand stitched together carefullly using a clever stitch that doesnt really show. The lid has a lovely squashy padded lid and there is a simple fastening made with a button and a cord loop with a little pearl bead attached, so its easy to just slip the button through the loop. I managed to find some lovely plum silk which went perfectly with the outer fabric, to use as the lining.

This little box is perfect for storing trinkets, mementos and jewellery you might otherwise have lying around on a dressing table getting dusty! I have some more I have made in other shapes and sizes, in exotic and unusual fabrics coming soon.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Just added this latest scarf to my Misi collection:

A loopy scarf crocheted in a lovely black and silver mix, made for Jane of Pirate Treasures. There is still one left in my shop. I rather enjoyed making it actually, i used a combination of a metallic silver ladder yarn with silky ribbon and funky fur fashion knitting yarn. I think its quite striking and its a good contrast to have in my shop with all the other bright colours. Also have added a couple more corsages too:

Purple, blue and gold swirl.

Bronze, pink and plum.

I love making these aswell, its great to be able to use up all the leftover bits from my glitter ribbon scarves and make something else!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Misi Marvels goes 'nautical' this week, a trend which is really in this season in the fashion shops, with lots of navy and white and anchors everywhere in the clothes and jewellery....and its a trend which I happen to really love! I have this gorgeous navy and white striped bow choker necklace which i love to wear with navy and white shoes and a jacket, and i have to say its a bit nostalgic for me - it reminds me of a sailor outfit I had when i was little. I was forever wearing my little navy dress and matching hat when i was young, though sadly I think i got rid of it ages ago. Anyway, enough of my reminicsing, as its such an in theme at the mo, I thought I would find a range of nautical inspired Misi delights for you to see!

Stylish sailor stripe bow hair pin by ShouldBePenelope.

Cute detailed silver anchor charm earrings by jellybellyjewellery.

Cute nautical anchor necklace with blue bow and white glass pearl from Estrella Designs.

I love this funky nautical inspired bracelet, made by heartstoppingdesigns.

Stylish tote bag with vibrant nautical print fabric, great for shopping and the beach, by madaboutbags.

Beautiful delicate blue and white nautical crocheted necklace by chinachichi.

Cute little"Drunken sailor" polymer clay sculpture complete with his bottle of beer! made by Spratsie.

Nautical, seaside inspired beaded bookmark with anchor charms in a lovely combination of red, blue and silver, from FairyQueensJewels.

Thats my selection this week, hope you've enjoyed seeing these nautical inspired makes! Thanks for reading.

Monday, 29 March 2010

At last the new Misi has been launched - at first it was a bit difficult finding my way around as a lot has been changed, and theres still a few errors, but im now happy all my items are listed in categories (I think!). I think it will take a bit of getting used to, but im in awe of anyone who can completely redesign a website! There is so much that could go wrong, the worst being that everyones shops were lost in the process, which would have been disastrous, so at least most of us still have our store data intact. i'll be adding some more accessories shortly, once the new site has settled down a bit and things are all working - just need to get picture taking if the sun does ever decide to come back...;)